30. Laying Stumbling Stones – 2, December 2021

Further Stumbling Stones have been laid in Würzburg with now 648 stones. No other Bavarian community has more.

Two laying ceremonies on that day were in the public focus. The first one was at 10.30 a.m. in Domstrasse 38 where a family of five was paid tribute to. The Pollaks (parents and three children) had come from Giebelstadt to make a living here in Würzburg. Two boys (13 and 15), who lived in Munich in the Jewish children’s home established for orphans and children in poverty, were ordered back to Würzburg just to be sent to Riga-Jungfernhof together with their sister and mother.
Unfortunately, relatives of the family from Israel who had planned to come couldn’t do so because of the present Covid situation.

The second laying ceremony took place at 2 p.m. in front of Stephanstrasse 7, relatives from France and Israel gathered to commemorate Jette and Benjamin Oberndörfer. Their great-grandson, Laurent Chouraqui, honoured the couple in a very personal, intimate and emotional way. For him and all his relatives it meant a reappraisal of their past, their individual history, and a new understanding of approaching the country of their great-grandparents.